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Sauti Sol's Bien Aime blasts Kenyans over their Tekno performance outcry

Nigerian star Tekno Miles was in Nairobi on Saturday for a show that was supposed to be the best he has ever done in East Africa.

But after the show, Kenyans have been on social media making a fuss about how the Naija broda’s four-song performance at the Ngong Racecourse Waterfront could only be compared to a teaser posted on YouTube, that he was finished even before they was done with the beer bottle they was holding.

One of Sauti Sol has come out with guns blazing, he says Kenyans deserved every bit of it.
It seems Bien Aime Baraza has grown tired of hearing Kenyans complaining about not having been entertained at the Waves Concert that had Tekno as the show stopper.
Bien is really bothered by the said concert but his anger is not directed towards the ‘Pana’ singer but rather the Kenyan audience.

According to the lead singer, Kenyans need to learn that people treat you the ways you teach them to treat you. Bien thinks Kenya needs to have a talk about how we treat foreign acts in comparison to how we treat the local acts:

“Kenyans have once again taken to social media to rant about Tekno. Camp Mulla makes a comeback and instead of that being the main attraction it’s Tekno!!! You really deserve what happened to you last night.” He said.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s just the other day Davido – another Nigerian – did the exact same thing. Maybe we need to ask ourselves whether the problem really is the visiting artistes, or us.

Wetangula and Mbadi to lead the Opposition in Parliament

After some serious deliberation, the National Super Alliance has finally settled on the members who will fill different House leadership positions as Parliament kicks off its official business today, September 13, 2017.

Co-principal Moses Wetangula held a meeting yesterday with some Opposition MPs at his office around 1pm where they were informed of the final list.

In the Upper House, Weta will retain his position as the Minority Leader and he will be deputised by Siaya Senator James Orengo.

Senate Whip position will be occupied by Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr who will be assisted by Petronila Were, an ANC nominated Senator.

In the National Assembly, ODM Chairman John Mbadi will be the Minority Leader, taking over from Wiper’s Francis Nyenze of Kitui West. Mbadi, who is also the Suba South Member of Parliament will be deputised by ANC’s Ayub Savula.

National Assembly Chief big position will go to Robert Mbui (Kathiani) of Wiper and will be deputised by Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa of Ford Kenya.

Wetangula will today write to the Speaker of National Assembly Justin Muturi and his Senate counterpart Kenneth Lusaka about the picks, the Nation reports.

The Opposition is yet to settle on the chairpersons of parliamentary committees according to a source who attended the said meeting.

Politicians Allegedly Buying Votes For 5,000

National Super Alliance (NASA) has accused Jubilee of engaging in electoral malpractices in a bid to reduce Raila Odinga’s votes during the repeat polls set for October 17th.

Speaking at IEBC Headquarters in Nairobi, NASA leaders led by nominated Senator Dr. Agnes Zani and her National Assembly counterpart Jacqueline Oduol, sensationally claimed that Jubilee leaders are currently engaged in massive buying of ID cards from NASA supporters with a view of drastically reducing Raila Odinga’s votes like they did in the last election.

The NASA leaders noted that Jubilee was offering as high as sh5,000 for one ID from Raila’s supporters in order for them not to vote for him.

NASA mentioned Busia, Kisumu, Kakamega and Bungoma as among the Counties affected by this electoral malpractice by Jubilee.

“We want to remind Kenyans on their democratic right and responsibilities.”

“Do not be swayed to sell your IDs and votes,” Oduol said.

“We call on Kenyans to be vigilant and stop any attempts by Jubilee to deny them their democratic right to vote,” she added.

Fafanua Hii: Here is That Photo of DP Ruto and Senator Esther Kihika That Has Everyone Talking

A photo of Deputy President William Ruto and s3xy Nakuru Senator Esther Kihika has left tongues wagging.

People are interpreting things their own way.

But Ruto’s facial expression tells it all.

3 Ways To Tell If He Is Worth The Wait

Have you tried every now and then? and made every possible effort to take out time from your busy schedule to at least call or text him and he barely takes any initiative? Tired and wondering if he is worth your wait or not?

Well, fret not, here are 3 ways to tell if the guy you’re holding out for deserves your patience:

1. He gets in touch as least as much as you do

Relationships aren’t games, and your man shouldn’t treat yours like one. If you’re regularly trying to track this guy down and always texting or calling him instead of the other way around, then this guy may not be worth waiting for. If your instinct tells you the relationship is nowhere near the top of his priorities and that you’re putting a lot more into it than he is, you may be wasting your time.
It’s not how many times the guy gets in touch with you either. What’s the intent of his contact?
•    Is he asking about your day?
•    Is he trying to do something kind just for the heck of it, or even just to let you know he’s thinking about you?
If he’s getting in touch to offer you something, and not just to get something from you, then it may be worth sticking around to see what happens with this one.

2. HIs he interested in more than just the physical

Are you okay with being a booty call? Yes, men (and women) have needs and desires, and it’s okay for two consenting adults to honour those needs. But if he only looks like he wants the physical aspects of your relationship, then don’t expect him to eventually become interested in your feelings, values, and intimate thoughts in the way that you’d want a serious partner to be.

3. He’s honest about what he wants

A relationship-ready guy knows what he wants and is honest about this with his partner. So, if your guy can kindly and sincerely explain you what he’s looking for when it comes to romance, you’ll know whether it’s worth your time (and his) to wait around and see what happens. Then, how can you tell if he’s being honest or not? Listen to his words and make sure his words match his actions. Otherwise, the relationship might not be worth your emotional investment.

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9 Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

1. She’s happy around you

If a lady likes you, she will always put an effort to be with you. She loves your companionship and she doesn’t stop smiling because she is comfortable around you. She loves your aura, energy and great personality.

2. Downplays other guys

She wants you to know that there are other guys interested in her. But she won't show any signs for you to think she finds them interesting. So, she may not even bring up other guys, and if she does, she does it to see your reaction.

3. You’ve met her friends

If she really likes you and wants to take things to the next level in the relationship, she will introduce you to her friends. Her friends will analyze you from your head to toe and delve into your occupation and family background. Although the comments won't really  matter in your relationship, it is a sign of relief for you and your girlfriend.

4. She shares her secrets with you

Trusting someone is a risk and when someone opens up to you then you should know she really loves you. She wants an emotional bond with you and you should reciprocate her love and trust.

5. She tries to make you jealous

Jealousy is the easy way to get someone’s attention. If she mentions other guys or flirts with other guys in front of you, she just to see what your reaction is. She wants you to fight for her love.

6. She spends time and money on her appearance

Makeup products and designer clothes are really expensive. If she persistently look extremely good and smells romantic any time you invite her out, this tell she wants more than mere friendship.

 7. She just says it

 If you get a woman who just tells you how she feels without you having to dissect her every single move, keep her. Take her in your arms and never let go. You found a keeper, a rare gem.

8. She makes future plans

When a girl starts suggesting things for the two of you to do in a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months, it seems pretty obvious she’s got you in her long term plan.

9. She cares about you and your family

She likes spending time with you and tries to check up on you at work. She helps you out when she can and appreciate, if not participate, in your hobbies.

So if you find your girl inquiring about work problems, doing your dishes and watching you beat your top score on (insert video game of your choice here), you’ve found yourself a keeper.

If Raila is elected president, we will impeach him-Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta has told Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga to brace himself for a very short presidency, in the event that he wins the October 17 election.

President Kenyatta spoke at State House, Nairobi on Monday afternoon while addressing Jubilee Party leaders and others who have defected from the opposition.

He also dared Nasa MPs to skip the first parliament sitting saying the Jubilee Party has enough numbers in the National Assembly and in the Senate to conduct business.

“Even if he (Raila Odinga) is elected, we have the opportunity in parliament. Two months, three months tumemtoa,” President Kenyatta said.

Here is the video.

"You are so good in Bed" Woman Shares Embarrassing Texts Between her husband and Side Dish

A married Lady has humiliated her husband's mpango wa kando called Ruth Wambui from Ngara, who has been keeping her husband warm outside their marriage. 

She shared steamy texts of Ruth telling her husband how he is good in bed and thanking him for good s3x.

The lady  posted the steamy chats and photos of Ruth - the alleged husband snatcher - saying, 

“Ruth Wambui Kiriiri of Ngara Market stalk 200??Fundi wa nguo, I caught you red handed, you can now keep him.”

here are the photos