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EXPOSED: Kenya Pipeline Official Accused of Massive Looting and Sleeping with Young Girls

A man identified as Simon Kirui has been accused of sleeping with young girls and looting money from the Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC).

According to a number of posts on social media and other blogs, Simon Kirui a long with others have been stealing money from the KPC and have been cutting deals with other officials in the company.

Back in June, blogger Cyprian Nyakundi ran the expose, calling on the government to arrest the people involved in massive looting at the KPC and his men but they seem to be too smart for everybody.

Unconfirmed reports also say that one Simon has been having unprotected sex with young girls who are the same age as his first born child.

Post by: Phelix Ochola

EXPOSING Mega Scandals at Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC) that must be stopped!
Kenya Pipeline Corporation is under siege and is being run dry by "silent looters" in a seemingly runaway ploys by some individuals within the management .
Shocking details emerging from the state body indicate that the current Business Development Manager at Kenya Pipeline, A Mr Simon Kip Arap Sang, photographed herein, is the culprit and the fulcrum around whom questionable procurement of suspicious consultancy deals rotate at Kenya Pipeline Company.

A Mr. John Kithete ,who is the immediate former Business Development Manager suffered the same fete as the former KPC MD; one Miss Florah Okoth of being sent on "compulsory leave" that saw the appointment of Simon Sang to pave ways to siphon tax payer money from the KPC coffers using questionable tenders .

Prior to his mysterious appointment, sources close to them suggest that Simon Sang and The current MD Joe Sang have an historical relationship of "working together" at Kenya Breweries that leaves us with the obvious guess that the duo could be working in cohorts to loot .
Upon his appointment, Simon Sang unduly registered an amophous company by the Name Kawanuh Ltd that is being used as a conduit to rob of Kenyans millions from the KPC via dubious consultancy deals. The Kawamuh Ltd is operating like a kiosk with no website, neither is it traceable at the AG chambers records.

Barely months into his appointment and through this amophous company called Kawamuh , Simon Sang has singlehandedly influenced a number of irregular tenders , like,among others; a Kshs130million tender for consultancy services for Devolution of Pipeline Services to the Counties , a Kshs79Million tender for consultancy services for feasibility study for geographical expansion and development of blueprint , and a 500million consultancy for Transaction Advisory Services for the Kenya Petroleum and Oil Refineries Ltd.

After "successfully" influencing and getting an easy ride to win all these tenders to his favor , we wish to send a RED ALERT to Kenyans that the "fat guy" is on the verge of LOOTING over Kshs 3billion via an aleady concluded project .

Simon Sang,a name widely mentioned on several internal graft, is currently doing everything within his power to win over a Kshs 3billion Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study .
The purported Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study and Development of BluePrint for Geographical Expansion is nothing but a Hoax and Scheme between Kawamuh Ltd and some other Individuals within KPC to siphon out Money from KPC before the end of the current Financial Year.
It is reported that this study had already been done internally by the KPC Staff and the Report is Ready.

Simon Sang, aka Kawamuh Ltd Is therefore merely expected to adopt the Report,superimpose it on his Letterhead and submit with a 3Billion Invoice to facilitate siphoning out the Money before 30th June 2016.


To restore public confidence, we wish to appeal to The Energy CS Charles Keter and the Public Procurement Oversight Authority to thoroughly investigate these allegations and prosecute responsible culprits!

We MUST fight to block such economic bandits. #StopLootingKPC

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Simon Kirui

He works for Kenya Pipeline Company

He sleeps around with young girls size of his firstborn , he is forgetting that he has a family to take care of and AIDS exists  he is allergic to c@nd@ms. He lures the girls with small money just for s3x.

He gets them from Tinder and Badoo.

"Feasts" on them and moves on to the next victim. The next time you see this Old hoe, run for your life.ruuuuuun.

Photo of the guy

UUUUiiI!!: Kenyan Ladies Are Rotten, Why Would Anyone Say This About Her "Nunu"

There is this naughty Kenyan lady called Penny who is looking for attention online and has been sharing some crazy stuff. She recently revealed when she broke her v!rg!n!ty and then wished her “Nunu” happy anniversary.

According to her post, she  broke her v!rg!n!ty on 27.11. 1996 and since then, she has opening her legs to countless men.

Check it out

DUNIA IMEPASUKA: See what this Lady Posted After Having S3x With 3 Guys in one Hour

A video vixen from Holland has been trending on twitter after she publicly announced how she was b@nged by three guys in one hour and made a lot of money.

She then went on to ask everybody a seemingly awkward question which ignited a mini social media war, with people having different opinions about it.

Alongside her post, she also picture of herself next to some wads of cash and captioned it  

JKUAT Student Dies in Mysterious Circumstances After a quarrel with friends

A 22 year old student from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology died in mysterios circumstances after a disagreement with friends.

Malvin Eshitera who was pursuing a Bachelor in Information Technology at the main campus in Juja is said to have been visited by two friends who attacked him and left him dead.

Reports by the hostel’s watchman indicate that Malvin had had some argument with the friends over a girl.

According to Melvin's brother, Benson Eshitera who spoke to the Nation his phone had text messages from an ex-girlfriend over a bitter breakup. 

”His phone had text messages from an ex-girlfriend over a bitter break up but there were no threat messages,” he said.

Police however have refuted the family’s version of the story, saying their kin was a well known thief.

They said that Malvin had stolen a TV set which led to his beating. 

5 students have been arrested in connection to the crime and are still in police custody for further investigation.

WOLOLO!!: Man Discovers Something Horrible after Taking Wife's Phone for Repair

A secret love affair has been exposed after a husband discovered photos of her wife's “mpango wa kando” in the phone which he took to a repair shop.

The man who come from Zimbabwe and identified as Moses Munesi on social media, uncovered his wife Chenai Mirairo Jeyacheya’s secret affair, in the worst way ever.

According to reports, Moses had taken Chenai’s phone for repairs when he stumbled upon photos of his long term wife, sharing intimate hugs and kissing her lover identified as Charles Majongwe.

According to Moses, his wife had forgotten to remove her memory card from the phone, and out of curiosity, he decided to go through her picture folder, where he discovered photos of his wife kissing Charles (a soldier) and hugging him intimately as well. He also went through her chats where he saw their love messages.

Moses shared:

“It was better for this soldier to stab my body for it heals than to leave my heart with a wound that will last a lifetime by cheating with my wife. I am a cross-border and I do not take more than a week to visit and come back but this gunman wrecked my marriage that I am prepared to approach the courts of law to help settle the matter. He was trained to be disciplined and has failed, he is married but is still shooting in other people’s ‘private land’.

His fellows are safeguarding the nation when he is busy ruining what he is expected to preserve, I think the judiciary is the best place since I am only a civilian. I discovered love text messages in the phone and I took both my mobile phones that my wife was using and informed my in-laws about this. We have been together for the past nine years and I do not know when my wife started undressing for other men.”


BAADA YA KAZI: Nairobi Sponsor Leaks Super S3xy Photos of His Gachungwa on Whatsapp

Sponsors are known for their financial generosity, but what the ladies involved aren't aware of, is that they are also to  blame for the recent rise in Aids infections in young women in Kenya, and Sub-Saharan Africa in general. This is according to a UN study concluded recently.

But who cares anyway, as people continue to ponder on the recent study, a Nairobi sponsor has just leaked randy photos of his “gachungwa” and thirsty men are going crazy.

The sponsor who claims that his s3xy “kasupuu” is a student in one a local University, leaked the photos in one of the social media platforms after their illicit affair went south.

Check them out.

NGONO YA HAMSINI: See How Girls Under 18 Are Engaging in Prost1tut1on in Kisii

There is a shocking expose which was carried out by one local media station that showed how young ladies are selling bodies in Kisii town.

The young girls who engage in prostitution in the town are said to be between the ages 11 -16 yrs and they do so with men who are old enough to be their fathers.

Most of the girls sell their bodies due to poverty while others are forced by their parents to engage in the evil act.

A section of them confessed that they are also s3xually harassed by local police. Others are physically assaulted by male clients who want to sleep with them without using any protection.

Here is the expose.

POMBE SIO SUPU: Drunk Lovers Decide to "Malizia" it on the Road side

A couple that could no longer contain themselves and decided to carelessly damn all consequences by having s’ex at a street corner in broad daylight is making waves online.

The incident occured at Mugodhoyi street in Zimbabwe on Sunday, November 20. The intoxicated lovers had it at the street corner while people were passing by.

According to local residents, the drunk man identified as Lovemore Jiri who works at the Laboratory section Triangle mill, met the woman identified as Catherine. They went drinking at Tockridge bar and then lost control afterwards.

They proceeded to Rufaro B compound where they had agreed to have a quickie session but could not reach the house they had intended to use when they unleashed their passion. They ended up using a road billboard at Mugodhoyi street.

Click below for photos



CORAZON NI MOSQUITO: Have you seen this Goddess From Tanzania?

A Tanzania named Sanchoka, popularly called Sanchi is naturally endowed black woman who has chosen to proudly display her natural bum-bum on social media to attract followers.

She is a model and an entrepreneur and has been driving team mafisi crazy lately with her enormous thutha, check out her photos. 

ONA NIKITOMB.... This Luo Lady Has a Very Unique Business Facebook, See What She Has Been Doing...

A luo lady has been trending on social media after she decided to advertise her business for all the 'hungry' men out there.

The shameless lady going by the name Adhiambo Nyar Siaya is selling videos of her being lungulwad for only 400 bob.

What is even more shocking and disgusting at the same time, is how she describes it in the advertisement. Here is her post

KTN journalist Joy Doreen Biira arrested in Uganda after Kasese massacre

New Reports have indicated that KTN journalist Joy Doreen Biira has been arrested in Kasese, Uganda and locked up in one of the police stations in the country.

The reports also suggest that Joy had been giving eye witness account on the fighting in Kasese that has left 55 people dead, including 14 police officers.

According to an article by the Star newspaper, the KTN anchor was arrested together with her fiancee, plus three other friends on Sunday, November 27.

The police also arrested Charles Wesley Mumbere, the king of the Rwenzururu Kingdom and locked up his palace.

“Our friend Joy Doreen Biira, a journalist with KTN has been arrested in kasese according to her mother. Her whereabout still unknown. She has been giving eye witness accounts on the fighting in Kasese. Just yesterday was with her and I left today,” Barbara Among, a friend posted on Facebook.

Joy is said had taken her fiancee for introduction, had posted a video of the burning palace on her Instagram account.

Police in Mumias brutally beat up a woman and insert a rungu in her Vagina

Following last Tuesday's attack on a police station in Mumias, police in the area started an operation to look for the thugs who stole some G3 rifles from their colleague who was left with serious cuts and was rushed in hospital.

But according to local residents, instead of police doing their job well, they have been harassing the residents and beating them up like dogs.

A video has been share on social media showing a woman who was narrating her experience when the police officers came to their plot and started beating up everybody.

The police beat up women, children and chased them from their homes, she told of how one police officer after beating her up inserted a baton "rungu" into her nunu.

Here is the video