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EXPOSED: Is this the cheapest Nairobi University Lady?

A lady from University of Nairobi has been exposed on social media for sleeping with almost all men she meets on social media.

According to an expose by one of the guy she had an escapade with, the s3xually starved lady has been dishing out her flesh to every  Tom, Dick and Harry he meets on the internet.

The 24 year old lady with heavy behinds was exposed in the infamous mafisi Telegram Channel and some of her randy photos leaked.

The guy wrote;

“She sleeps with every guy she meets on social media. She uses her Nunu to pay bills”  A post exposing her randy behaviours read on Mafisi Telegram channel.

The guy said he found out that the lady has slept with almost all of the team mafisi crew members.

This Kenyan Man Has "Kukumanga" in His Blood, See What He Has Been Doing to His Wife

Things women go through and sometimes keep them to themselves with shock you. A woman has come out on social media to seek help from her Super "Hungry" husband who never seem to be satisfied of lungula.

The man who works night shift (Probably Wochi) has been asking for it during the day when the lady continuing with her business and even sometimes calls her from her work just for that.

According to the lady, the guy can sometimes ask for it up to 8 times a day.

See her post.

RECCE Squad officer shoots colleague in the stomach

A RECCE Squad police officer shot and seriously wounded his colleague in the stomach early this week while in pursuit of the al-Shabaab militants in Lamu's Boni forest.

The officer constable Bethwel Tuitoek turned his gun on his colleague, Anthony Wanjohi, following a mini argument in the forest and shot him in the stomach.

The other officers wrestled him to the ground and disarmed him, reports Nairobi News.

He was later arrested and locked up at Lamu Police Station after which he will be arraigned in court.
Officer Wanjohi was airlifted to Nairobi for treatment and is said to be in stable condition.
RECCE Squad is a highly trained department of the Kenya Police force that is deployed in dangerous situations.

The Al-Shabaab militants have been pitching tent in Boni Forest from where they have been carrying attacks on the area civilians and security personnel.

The government has been recently criticized for not getting help for the RECCE officers who have been seen to undergo work related stress. 

Safaricom CEO Collymore Blasts Sauti Sol bad dressing

Despite Many fans calling on saudi sol to rethink about their dress code, nothing has happened, in fact the group singers have gone on to dress even worse, embarrassing their die hard fans whenever they go abroad to represent Kenya.

Among those not happy with their dress code is Safaricom CEO Bob collimore.

Mr Collimore has had it enough and has come out to speak openly about how "cucu like" the group members dress.

Responding to what kind of music he listens to, the Collimore said he loves Sauti sol but he would fell even better if they changed their wardrobe. 

“My list would not be complete without Sauti Sol. These young men make me so proud. They take their craft seriously and they are making waves globally. I’d just be happier if they would buy new clothes that don’t have holes in them, and are not so tight,” Collymore told the Buzz Magazine

Sauti Sol has named as one of the most successful music bands in Africa, but unfortunately according to Bob, their dressing don't match up to their music.

Bank Otuch Hitmaker Expecting First Child with Girlfriend

Rapper Victor Ondeye Ochieng, famously known by his stage name Vicmass Luodollar is about to become a father.

The "Bank Otuch" hit maker gave the good news to his fans on social media when he share a photo of a pregnancy test resuslts which came positive with a caption; ‘impregnated a beautiful woman.’

He went on to post:

“Results In Lmao I feel like am the first man on earth to ever impregnated a beautiful woman for the first time. AMOR MATEK !!! Tik Tok #2017GodMade #IchoseToBeHappy #GodIsAmazing #FamilyIsUs Don’t you ever let Go what you worked for/ Giri giri kata guok Osin !!!” 

Here is Why Everybody is Talking about Holy Dave’s New Song ‘Ushai Notice’

Flashy Gospel musician David Muthengi, known by his stage name Holy Dave, has released a brand new song titled Ushai Notice.

The new song which was released yesterday (Monday) is talking about a few issues that are affecting the country including politics. 

The song is more of a "activism" than a gospel song. In the song, he advices the people to vote for wise leaders who will end corruption and bring back the country to where it was.

Watch the video below.

Size 8 Reborn Releases New Song ‘Sent Forth’ - VIDEO

Gospel musician size 8 has just dropped a new song a mid criticism from her last song she did with Willy Paul which was seen as more of a secular song than a gospel.

The song dubbed ‘Tiga Wana' received many conflicting reviews from fans and Kenyans and didn't receive much airplay as a result.

Well the "mateke" singer has just released another song titled ‘Sent Forth,’ which is a pure praise and worship song, more focused on God and non controversial. 

The singer went on to post a message about the song:

“In the presence of God is where you find everything, when you feel depressed, oppressed, stressed, worried, insecure, hurt, alone, betrayed, rejected, broke, unwanted like David in the Book of Psalms, Run to the presence of God. Everything you need/require is in God’s awesome presence. Make it a habit to always spend time with God at least once every day and you will see so much positive change in your life. Personally as Size 8 Reborn have tried this and seen its benefits. When David was in fear, has been pursued by his enemies, he had nothing on him he had lost everything, He ran to the presence of God.”

The song is inspired from the book of Psalms 43:3-4 send out Your light and Your truth, let them lead me; Let them bring me to Your holy hill And to Your dwelling places.

4Then I will go to the altar of God, To God my exceeding joy; And upon the lyre I shall praise You, O God, my God.”

watch the video below.

Businessman gunned down, gold stolen in Karen robbery

A Nairobi businessman and a private security guard were shot and seriously wounded in a robbery in Karen, Nairobi, on Sunday night.

The man was shot twice in the leg in the raid at his home on 3D Lane, by a gang of four armed with AK 47 rifles loaded with bullets.

The attackers stole gold, mobile phones and an unknown amount of cash.
Police said the gang shot the guard when they arrived, before getting away in a car that had been waiting.

They said they were searching for suspects.

In an incident at Pangani on Monday, a suspected thug was shot dead in a botched robbery.
The suspect and his other accomplices had been robbing motorists and pedestrians when the alarm was raised.

Police recovered a pistol loaded with two bullets.

3D Lane residents association chairman David Mereka told they were concerned by the increasing number of attacks on gated communities in Karen.

"We would like police to increase patrols to ensure our safety," he told the Star by phone.

via The star

Obama Issues last warning to Americans in Kenya as he leaves office

U.S outgoing President, Barrack Obama has issued a warning to American citizens not to visit Kenya unsafe towns following new Al-Shabaab threat.

Obama mentioned as his last advise to Americans before retiring as the 44th President on January 20th 2017

In Kenya, The U.S Embassy has allowed its citizens to visit only the old towns in Mombasa and has emphasized that they should not use Likoni ferry for their own safety.

The warning has affected the tourism industry in Kenya with many opting for other cowntries in the region.

”Avoid travel in the northeastern Kenyan counties of Mandera, Wajir and Garissa, the coastal counties of Tana River and Lamu in their entirety, all areas north of Malindi in Kilifi County, and the Nairobi neighborhood of Eastleigh”

This is not the first time he has issued a warning. In 2016, Obama asked all Americans to cancel their trips to Kenya after the Westgate attack for their safety and security.

Doctors' Union officials sentenced to one-month jail term

Employment and labor relations Judge Hellen Wasilwa has sentenced doctors union to a one month suspended jail term.  The union officials have been given two weeks to conclude negotiations and call off the strike. 

The Judge however said that the Union officials are weak in leadership and are unable to make decisions to suspend the doctors’ strike after they adamantly refused to present their issues before the court.

making the ruling Wasilwa said;

“ You have told me that you are still negotiating so I will give you a small window to ensure negotiations continue. I sentence you to one month in jail which is a suspended sentence which will fall on your head within two weeks if your strike is still on,” 
“You will be arrested wherever you are and taken straight to jail,” she added.

Justice Wasilwa also ruled that the female officials would be locked up in Lang'ata Women's Prison while their male counterparts in Industrial Area Remand Prison or Kamiti Maximum Prison.

via: The Standard 

SAITAN: Nairobi Phamasist Exposed After Sending His Matchstick Size Propellor to a lady

Some men will never learn simple manners in life. An angry Nairobi lady has exposed a guy who has been sending her photos of his tiny dudu via Facebook messages.

The guy whom she has identified as Kevin Khalifa has been hitting on her and he thought that sending the photos would make her want him more but instead it was opposite.

According to the lady, the guy has a very tiny dudu and it doesn't match up to her standards. The result was total embarrassment as the lady went on to a public Facebook group to expose the guy.

See what she postes on social media.

DRY SPELL IS REAL: CCTV footage captures a house girl lungularing with a sofa set.

The house maid monitoring equipment have become famous in recent days, with many employees installing the so called "nanny cams" in their house to see what the house maids are upto.

With most of them just concentrating on how their children are being handled, it seems like there is something else to watch out for.

Although it is wrong to interfere with personal space and privacy, most of these girls do crazy stuff when they alone - like dinyaring a sofa.

A CCTV footage has gone viral showing a sex-thirst house girl doing the act with a sofa seat. The video has raised different reactions from social media users.

Watch the video below


Sexy is an Understatement for this Super Hot Ethiopian Model Who Has Been Burning Up Social Media

An Ethiopian model has recently been taking the social media in a frenzy after she posted some of her best photos os her incredibly perfect shaped body.

The model identified as Rtaye on her instagram page weighs approximately 250 pounds but all the weight has been concentrated in the best places.

Apart from her body which has been getting all the attention, her face is also perfectly shaped with a killer smile. No wonder everyone is talking about her.

check her out.