A big company asks for forgiveness from Julie Gichuru (photo)

Julie Gichuru is the real ‘mama yao’. Mess with her at your
own damn peril. She is the definition of ‘moto wa kuotea mbali’ and if you
think I am a joker, then ask and confirm with Controversial blogger, Robert
I truly admire and respect Julie Gichuru. She is in her
fifties but looks like a chille fresh from high school. Most of you don’t know
that Julie Gichuru has 5 children. What does this hot mama eat? Some women are
blessed with one child and they become drums/tanks….Big Ted like!
That aside, let me share with you the ordeal of one of our
own. Robert Alai accused her (Julie) husband in Ruai land grabbing scandal and
you won’t believe the outcome. She took legal action that sent Alai behind bars
for a few but quality hours.
Miamu properties, a real estate company in Kenya also made a
similar blunder associating Gichuru to a piece of property that she knows
nothing about.
The company was selling a maisonette (4 bedrooms) in Ruiru
which they claimed that the property was owned by the beautiful and sassy news
Julie Gichuru did not entertain the sh*t and she was bitter
and furious warning Kenyans against the said property.
Miamu Properties became smart by avoiding to face the ugly
side of the pretty queen of TV. They went ahead to apologize for the ‘mistake’
they had made and asked for forgiveness.


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