Another Pastor ‘murders’ a pedestrian in a gruesome road accident

What a coincidence! Pastor James Ng’ang’a and
Pastor Thomas wahome Njuguna are both pastors and they have allegedly ‘killed’
innocent people while driving range rovers. Where is the world going today? Can’t
the ‘ministers of the word’ lead by example?

Kenya’s leading newspaper, The Daily Nation
reported that Pastor Thomas Wahome Njuguna of Helicopter Ministries, who was
also driving a Range Rover sport at the time of the accident, knocked down one
Godfrey Mwaniki near Kihuri village in Othaya on the 24th of June at 6 p.m
In his defence the Pastor claimed that he was not
speeding when the drunken Pedestrian (Mwaniki) carelessly wandered on the road.
On the contrary, eyewitnesses are ready to swear
that Mwaniki was not drunk at the time of the accident saying that he only had
half a bottle of beer. They also claim that the Range Rover was being driven

The punishment that lies ahead of Wahome, if found
guilty, is imprisonment up to 10 years.

Source: Daily Nation


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