B**B Implant Gone Sour, Vera Sidika’s Nipples Misbehave In Public (Photos)

Vera Sidika aka the bleached socialite aka the fake celebrity
astonished many when she spent a whooping kshs 300,000 to undergo a breast
surgery at Karen hospital.
If you are alarmed, please calm down. Rumor has it that this
sassy and classy hot mama once spent kshs 500,000 on her hair alone. I am not
in a position to discuss how much she spent to ‘lighten’ her skin because that
money could be of use somewhere.
She now has a completely different look from the one she had
when she became ‘famous.’ Rumor has it that she is currently suffering from
withdrawal symptoms caused by ‘bleaching’ and breast implant.
Lately, her ‘nyonyos’ have been misbehaving. They are always
erect even when she is not s£xually aroused. OMG!
Recently she posted a picture on her IG page ‘complaining’
on the same:
‘’my nips really like to misbehave sometimes and they not even hard’’


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