Celebrities Unmasked! Scary Photos Of Celebrities Without Make Up

A popular top local comedian once said that ladies should
refrain from using make up on Sundays since God needs to know who He is talking

If you didn’t get the joke, I’ll be lenient enough to
explain. He meant that make up covers the real identity of a person hence God
can’t recognize the person. Just saying!
Nowadays, make up is compulsory to some people, especially
celebrities. Females are the most affected. When it rains in Nairobi, many
women take shelter even past midnight just to protect the ‘costly’ make up that
has been smeared all over the bodies.
Make is not bad, but as we all know, too much of something
is poisonous. Many women are now make up slaves. Food, shelter and clothing are
the basic needs but to women, make up is tops the list.
We adore stunning, attractive and s£xy female celebrities
not knowing that they are ‘imposters.’ They have two versions and more often,
they prefer the ‘make up version.’
Take a look at some of your favourite celebrities without
make up
 Kerry Washington

 Mitchelle Obama



 Tyra Banks


 Betty Kyalo

 Size 8


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