Corazon Kwamboka Discloses Details About Her Ride In A Billionaire’s Private Jet (Exclusive Photos)

Who is the queen of socialites? Well, personally, I have no
clue let alone the answer. I am not a fan of socialites since they bank ‘free
money.’ There money is given, not earned.
Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe and Corazon Kwamboka top the list
of socialites in Kenya. They lead flashy and flamboyant lifestyles, forget
these ‘upcoming’ and desperate socialites who want to gain fame without working
for it.
Recently, Corazon Kwamboka caused ripples across the country
after photos popped showing her flying in a ritzy private jet.
The mogul that granted the curvy socialite such a rare treat
still remains anonymous. Corazon neither uttered a word concerning the same.

She claimed that the jet was flying her to and elegant
destination within the continent for her birthday celebration. She did not
specify her destination, but photographs do not lie (Photoshop maybe)

Here is the substantiation:


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