Corazon Kwamboka’s sister is on fire. She is hotter and prettier than all socialites put together (photo)


Corazon kwamboka is among the top socialites in Kenya and
her main ‘rivals’ are, the boss lady, Huddah Monroe and the bleached queen,
Vera Sidika.

Lately, pictures of Vanessa Chettle’s sister have been doing
rounds and its like celebrities are now revealing their siblings. DJ Mo also
revealed her super cute sister, Anita Nderu and Elani’s Wambui too followed the

It so happens that the ‘hidden’ celebrities’ siblings are
always ‘sweeter’ than their ‘famous’ siblings. Corazon Kwamboka’s sister is the
real deal. Her voluptuous curves will make you want more. She is on point and
Corazon herself has nothing on her. Team mafisi will definitely ‘cling’ on her
and ‘dump’ Corazon

Check out her photo:



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