Diamond’s sweetheart, Zari Hassan still looks tremendous after delivering (photo)


On 6th August, Chibu Latiffah Dangote was
welcomed to this ‘cruel’ world. East Africa’s king of music, Diamond Platnumz
and Ugandan businesswoman and singer, Zari Hassan were became happy parents.
The news spread across the world and it was received with
joy until one King Lawrence, Huddah Monroe’s ex boyfriend and cousin to Zari’s
ex husband decided to caused ripples questioning the paternity of Princess
Two weeks down the line and the celebrated couple is still strong
and happy together. As we all know, in the postpartum period (days or weeks
after a woman gives birth) a woman or the baby mother rather, experiences
changes in her body. It is believed that women will gain extra weight and
probably have a belly.
This has happened to a lot of mothers but not Zari. The
Ugandan socialite aka the boss lady still has her perfect figure. Her
voluptuous curves are still intact.
I know many ladies are green with envy. They wish they would
be like her. Personally, I admire her body shape.
She decided to ‘Chokoza’ team mafisi on social media and
here is what she said:
On maternity leave well am taking sometime out while ma lil princess


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