HopeKid’s Tanzanian Curvaceous Sweetheart Will Surely Make Kim Kardashian Look Super Ugly (Photos)


Hopekid truly knows how to select a hot and s3xy mama. He can
differentiate ‘ripe’ from ‘raw.’ I salute the general for his recommendable
job. Kudos! Bravo!

Yvonne Orio is the name of Hope Kid’s sugar baby. Forget
about Msalame and Vera Sidika, Yvonne is the real ish!

Her voluptuous curves and massive derriere will surely
torture team Mafisi. Yvonne who is a fashion designer and a model plays a vital
role in Hopekid’s life and here is what Hopekid had to say about his well
endowed future better half:
“She is a big support and plays a big role in what I do. She does the
ground work in most of my projects since many times I am committed. She is a
fashion designer, just like me: we both run a blog (Yvonnesa); I do the
designing, she does the modeling and marketing; at times. We have been dating
for three years now. I will engage her. Let’s say in the next two years she
will have my ring. I am that person who does a thing first and then talk about
it later. If it (engagement) happens, I will inform people about it.”
In a past interview with a local media house, Hope Kid said:
“Love knows no boundaries! You cannot simply ask gospel artistes to
ignore it because God is love and he ordained man and woman to be together.
Just be responsible with it,”


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