Huddah Monroe Pitilessly Attacks And Exposes Vera Sidika (photo)

Competition is just what keeps the world going. Many compete
for various reasons, but the ultimate reason is supremacy.
Recently, the bleached and curvaceous socialite, Vera Sidika
publicly attacked Huddah Monroe, the boss chick alleging that Huddah has been copying
her after she decided to gift herself with a Range Rover 2015 on her birthday.
Any publicity, they say, is good publicity and these two top
socialites are the queens of drama and publicity stunts.
The ‘fake’ celeb, Vera Sidika always asks for forgiveness
whenever she goes hard on Huddah but what astounds me is that, she apologizes
only to attack her (Huddah) the subsequent week.
Huddah Monroe ain’t taking the sh*t no more. She decided to
expose the real Vera Sidika on social media. Take a look
It’s been soooo long , this bitch Vera has Always been attacking me .
For so many years now . I don’t respond coz I try to be bigger person . I have
nothing against this bitch coz she doesn’t intimidate me one single bit , she has
nothing that can really get me so hurt to ever attack her on social media and
It really pains me to see people taking sides when they don’t really know what’s
going on . This apologies make me mad as fuck when I see a bitch apologize
today and attack me the next week . WHAT I HAVE EVER DONE TO THIS WOMAN ? I
would’ve exposed so many things about this bitch. But I don’t coz that’s not who
I am . Honestly I am really tired of this
bitch attacking me all the time and coming back to apologize on the
side!!!!! Stop this
OBSESSION!!! Let me be in peace , I hate two faced bitches……..


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