Is Vera Sidika already misbehaving in ‘Obama’s territory’ (photos)



Vera Sidika is undoubtedly the queen of socialites in Kenya.
One can smell her trouble from miles away. She is full of drama and wherever
she goes, she always hits the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Recently, the bleached mama travelled to the United States
of America just to have a good time shortly after President Barack Obama made
his maiden visit in his homeland, Kenya.

The curvaceous socialite did something that will astonish
many of you. As you all know that you can’t take a picture while you are in the
State House premises, and the rule is mutual in the US but Vera sidika managed
to do it. She ‘seduced’ the ‘soja’ who was guarding the white house and the
‘soja’ was obviously confused making him to give in to Vera’s charms.

Below is a picture of Vera Sidika and the White House’s
‘soja’ right beside Barack Obama’s premises.





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