Is Vera Sidika losing her shape (photos)


The controversial socialite, Vera Sidika is now the talk of
town after her photos leaked and they were not pleasant. She is getting bigger
and bigger as days go by.

The bleached socialite is known for her beef with Huddah
Monroe since the two have been battling for supremacy. They pull public stunts
even when it is not necessary. I don’t blame them. Someone said, any publicity
is good publicity.

I do not care and will never care who among them is the
queen or ‘mama yao’ because they behave like primary school kids. They fight
over nothing. But I will never blame them since that is how they make their

They are like ‘sex symbols’. They expose each and every inch
of their ‘juicy’ bodies to the public to get paid or make news. Truth is that
they earn good money. They both have range rovers. Huddah Monroe even bought
herself a kes 187m ring. They both go for trips and vacations in expensive
destinations. Dubai is like their second home.

Their bodies are their ‘money makers’ but at this rate, Vera
Sidika is losing it. She is getting too huge for nothing. If this is her shape
right now, then she must hit the gym as soon as possible to at least regain or
maintain her curves and shape or else she will say ‘bye bye’ to her millions.




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