Jaguar graduates and becomes goodwill ambassador for MKU (photo)



Charles Njagua popularly known by his stage name as Jaguar
is among the leading singers in Kenya. He is also a businessman and a
philanthropist who has helped many Kenyan citizens, mostly the poor and the

They say that education comes to a halt when one passes on
and that is absolutely true. Recently, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, Nairobi’s flamboyant
senator also received a degree. Education is of the essence that’s why we see
‘old’ folks going back to school to boost their education.

The ‘kigeugeu’ hit maker was not left behind. He also received
a honorary degree from Mount Kenya University during a graduation ceremony that
took place on the morning on August 7. He too was appointed as the good will
ambassador of Mount Kenya University. Truly ‘huu Mwaka’ was his prophesy. It’s
high time Kenyan musicians started singing positive songs to have big gains




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