Just like Size 8, Avril is now born again


Avril Nyambura is currently the hottest female singer in
Kenya, physically and musically. She has really grown and matured.
Controversies are no longer part of her life.

According to Ghafla, rumor has it
that Avril has seen the ‘light.’ Here is what they said:
Avril joined a meet of other Kenyan celebrities who had congregated at the Catholic
University of East Africa for the National Dreams Come True auditions (Dreams
Come True is a platform helping nurture talent in Schools) In attendance, other
than Avril was, Kanze Dena of Citizen Tv, Christina Shusho, Lavender of Inspecata
Mwala among others. It was all smooth saling until Christina Shusho walked to the
podium to perform, but before she did, she was distracted by a lady who was
walking out, It turned out that it was Avril who was going to answer a call.Christina
Shusho requested Avril to join her on stage and proceeded to ask her to perform
the song “Umenifanya Ning’are” Avril couldn’t, she was probably too
star struck or was just trying to remain in her element, secular music. Christina
Shusho was however not done with Avril, she went on to prod Avril as :

C.S: Do you know that God loves you?
Avril: Yes I do
C.S: Are you born again?
Avril: Not yet
C.S: Would you like us to pray for you?
(awkward silence)
Avril: (very faintly) Yes!

Christina Shusho called for a pastor who was in the vicinity and Avril was
prayed for, the hall was silent as she repeated the prompts from the pastor, When
all was done, Jimmy K, the CEO Dreams Come went to the podium where he offered
to sponsor a collaboration between Avril and Christina Shusho!

Watch “Is
Avril Switching To Gospel Music (Video)” on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaj5lESf0Ek&feature=youtube_gdata_player


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