Linda Ogutu Exposed. Find Out What She Did

Linda Oguto is arguably the queen of Tv at the moment. The
talented and professional beauty is a news anchor working with KTN.

Of late, Linda Ogutu has received criticism after sweat
trickled down her armpits as she was presenting the Prime Time bulletin.
Robert Alai, a top Kenyan blogger, flickered the debate on
Oguto’s sweaty armpits.
Here is what he said: “Sad
to see LO’s (referring to Linda Ogutu) armpits so watery on my TV set. There
are things called anti-perspirants. KTN should invest in some from Nivea or
Rexona. Awacho ka amuol
The controversial blogger marveled whether KTN cannot meet
the expense of  buying the gorgeous TV
anchor some Antiperspirant deodorants so that she can shun the humiliation.
Fans and haters were not left behind, here is what they had
to say, basing on Robert Alai’s statement
Susan Odalo- LO’s
is Linda Ogutu
Kevin Otieno-Alai umeona Ukweli it’s not the first time.
Kinya Mugambi- I endorse this message-Linda Ogutu please arm up
Chris Ouma- Alai have mercy on Linda Ogutu. You have sharp eyes though.
Nichodemus Omedo- Vile amesema lets focus on south sudan u have decided
to focus on her armpits
Sitati Carozon- Mwenye alisema happy mothers day kwa ALai
hakukosea…uko na umams kweli.
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