Look At What Married Nyota Ndogo Does On Stage With Men And Yet She Keeps Abusing Mustafa (Photo)

The undisputed queen of Music in the Coast region, Nyota
Ndogo of the Watu na Viatu fame is also known to be ‘beefing’ with Colonel Mustafa,
rapper-cum-socialite since she thinks that Mustafa ‘misbehaves’ with any damsel he comes

The Bible says, ‘’he who with no sin should be the first to
cast a stone on …… ‘’ and I wonder why Nyota Ndogo who is on her second or
probably third marriage should be hard on Mustafa and yet she too is
‘misbehaving.’ I mean, its a free world!

Tupac Shakur, the late King of HipHop stipulated that ‘only
God Can judge me’ and I am not trying to judge anyone but I think it is not
right to attack or meddle into someone else’s affairs when you can’t control
your own. Charity, they say, begins at home.

Below is a photo of Nyota Ndogo in action:


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