Meet the hottest and sexiest prophetess in town, Pastor Natasha can’t outshine her (photos)



Prophetess Monica is the hottest ‘servant of God’ in town
right now. Don’t you dare differ with me. This mamacita is on point. She can
drive ‘demons’ away from any man with her ‘charms.’

Jesus Christ have mercy on me a million times before I
finally meet my death. This prophetess can make the blind see, literary. She is
damn hot.

Pastor Lucy Natasha once caused ripples among men when her
photos went viral. She too is super and steaming hot, sexy, beautiful….the
adjectives are endless.

I personally don’t frequent to church but if she was a
shepherd at my local church, I would be a loyal sheep. I will never miss
church. God bless the work of her hands.

I wish she would lay her hand on me over and over again. She
is not the ordinary pastor you see at your church; she is 5 times hotter than
many local beautiful celebs. At these rate, men will abandon the clubs and give
their lives to ‘christ’

I won’t yap a lot, I am not a fan either so let her pictures
do the yoga.





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