Self Proclaimed ‘god’, Jehovah Wanyonyi is dead!



Jehovah Wanyonyi, the self proclaimed ‘god’, the creator of
the earth and all living and non living organism is dead. Of late, speculations
of his death have been hitting headlines and many media houses have been
following the story keenly.

Eliab Masinde, the family’s spokesperson refuted claims that
Jehovah Wanyonyi was dead claiming that he was hospitalized in a Hospital in
Nairobi. Can ‘god’ get sick? Just asking.

Jehovah Wanyonyi who had over 70 wives and 95 children is
said to have died on July 18 and The Standard has officially confirmed it after
interviewing several people including the local chief who said the he issued
the family a burial permit on July 19, a day after ‘god’ succumbed.
“The family came to me for a burial permit after they claimed that Jehova Wanyonyi succumbed to
illness on his way to Cherangany Nursing Home in Kitale town,” Kipsomba Chief Daniel Busienei
told The Standard.
According to the chief, the hospital where Jehovah Wanyonyi ‘s body was being preserved demanded a burial permit which the family had to obtain from the chief.
“I told my assistant chief to issue them with a permit to allow the deceased family to lay him to
rest,” Busienei is quoted as saying
. courtesy of Ghafla




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