Sorry Diamond, Zari’s daughter (Tiffah) is not your flesh and blood (evidence)


Platinumz is arguably the king of music in East Africa. The controversial
singer is married to Zari Hassan, a controversial Ugandan socialite.
Early this
last week, the celebrated couple welcomed a bouncing baby girl, Princess Tiffah,
who broke the internet. She hit 27k instagram followers, barely 8 hours after
her birth.

‘Ni Kama ndrama, ni kama vindeo,’ this statement
might be true but the queen of drama wasn’t spared this time either. Recently
King Lawrence a close friend and relative to her ex husband decided to ‘open up’
and decided to wash Zari’s dirty linen in public.
He posted a photo of Tiffah and her ex husband side
by side with a caption implying that Zari cheated on Diamond with him and that
the real father of Tiffany is her ex hubby. He went ahead to post a picture of
him and Zari’s ex husband with a caption saying, ‘chilling with Tiffah’s dad’

This same guy once claimed that he paid Huddah
Monroe to hit the ‘cookie’. I am not sure what his intentions are but I think
he is taking this love hate affair too far. Diamond must hear this


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