Unbelievable!-this is what Kenyan ladies do in clubs (exclusive photos)



Nairobi aka the city under the sun is full of all types of
animals, it depends with which category you fall in. I will zero in on ‘party


Research or let me say, rumor has it that Nairobi is the
city that holds the most number of parties/events in Africa. People rave/party
from Monday to Monday and this is increasing the number of socialites in Kenya.


What people do in Nairobi clubs is disgusting. Where is the
world heading to? Morals have become a thing of the past. Ladies do unthinkable
stuff. They are becoming clande and any man can hit the ‘cookie’ at will.


Are these the future mothers? President Barack Obama said
that we should empower women, I totally agree but let him do it himself to such
kind of women







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