Vera Sidika appears in a Royal wedding! (Photos)



Huddah Monroe, Corazon kwamboka and Vera Sidika are the top
socialites in the republic of Kenya. They have popularized and earned a living
from being socialites. Forget the desperate chillez who brand themselves socialites
so as to gain fame and cheap popularity and yet they are nothing but
unrecognized groupies.

Kenya is a hotbed of vibrant and diversified talent, ability
and gifts. The three mentioned socialites used their ‘assets’ to gain fame and
wealth. They have put food on their tables by simply being “sex symbols”.

The three “musketeers” too have been battling for the ‘’Mama
Yao’’ title for a pretty long time. Vera bought a range rover and Huddah bought
a kes 187 million ring while Corazon Kwamboka killed the male species with her
juicy assets.

I won’t say who the queen is because the Team Mafisi knows
their taste. Vera has Mt. Kilimanjaro, Huddah has killer thighs and kwamboka’s
body shape can make a poor man spend virtual millions.

The ‘’fake celeb’’ (bleaching is cheating nature) finally
visited the ‘oga’ land for a royal wedding (even though she said that she
doesn’t like weddings) and for once she dressed like a respected woman in the
society. She kept her assets safe and she was overjoyed about it, posting her
pics everywhere for people to notice her presence.


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