Willy Paul Depicts Music Promoters For Their Self-Centered Behavior


The king of controversy in Kenya is back. Willy Paul Msafi
has had his fair share of tribulations and I guess he is fed up.

The ‘Tam Tam’ hit maker is not blissful. He recently
recounted the adversity he faced from Kenyan music promoters he was hoping to
get help from during his tour abroad.

Willy Paul went ahead to write a meticulous post on his
Facebook account pointing out how most promoters are egocentric and selfish:


‘’Morning family, its a beautiful sunday that the Lord has granted us
yet again.. and am sure today Someone’s soul will be won into the kingdom of
God. It saddens me to see how selfish and Self-centered our promoters and companies
are… we all know that I have HUKUNIACHA TOUR coming up.. The First One kicks off
today in Eldoret then next Sunday the 23rd in mathare Huruma redeemed church. I
went looking for help from some big people that I trust but they let me down…
others giving me promises and not keeping them, calling me for meetings but
when I call them they switch off their phones. … and as the saying goes

sound system for my 23rd concert to be held in mathare but I was let down and with
no option… ONLY one ORGANIZATION stood by me for all the 5 tours, and that’s
the MCSK… This has taught me one thing, to always put all my hopes in GOD and
not man…. for He is the giver.. my fellow artists, beware of these people… they
will use you when they need you and forget about you… NOTE: GOD WILL NEVER USE
YOU TO GAIN, HIS LOVE IS SUFFICIENT. . Pray for me as we all wait for 23rd.. Huruma
is the place to be, Baraka as you head to church’’



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