A 19-Year-Old lass Kills Herself After A Mzungu Facebook Lover Defiled Her

I wonder what the world has become. So many weird and creepy
stories are coming up and they are just unbelievable and unthinkable.
Recently, we got to witness what seems to be the worst break
up of all times when a lady was dumped by her foreign lover on Facebook only
for her to later disclose how her union with her foreign lover was a life of
desolation and wretchedness. She went through among many other harrowing things
the disappearance of her new-born orchestrated by her foreign lover.
Well the catastrophic foreign lovers story doesn’t end there
as a 19 year old Mercy Bundi, is no more credited to torture she went through
in the hands of a foreign lover. The lass though born in Tanzania, has lived
the most part of her life in Kenya where she attended primary school in Kisii,
joining Nyakach Girls High School but later transferring to St Michael’s School in Nakuru where she
sat her KCSE exams in 2013. Mercy even landed herself a spot in the college in
Bugema, where she met her death.
Her woes which were not revealed to the lass then, begun
when she joined the Facebook page, “Love
beyond skin colour (white men and black women)
”. She met her foreign lover who goes by the
name, Marco Ritz. Like any naive damsel in love, the lass went all in trusting
the man she met on Facebook. The lass made her way to Mombasa to meet what she
thought was her night and shinning amour against the pleaful cry from her
sister Sarah Mauya Bundi. This is revealed in her suicide note that reads;
“As I am writing this, I cannot
sit, eat or walk as normal. I am regretting not to listen to my sisters (sic)
In a post on Facebook that directed to the where-abouts of
Marco and Mercy, her foreign lover posted his location as Kinondo Poa Hotel,
near Galu Kinondo Beach. The assistant director at the hotel, Laura Nanyuli,
making a comment on what she saw describe Marco to have by his side a woman who
was a model and lawyer.
The blissful meet up Mercy expected by her trip down to the
Coast was none other but a nightmare of assault for two days in a row at
Mombasa Hotel. She traveled to Nairobi at her sisters place where she
experienced massive pain which she made excuses for hiding the truth of what
was really happening. The lass made her way to Kampala, Uganda where she made
efforts to contact her foreign lover, Marco to extended a helpful hand to
enable her to seek medical attention. Instead her foreign lover snubbed her as
he turned a deaf ear to the lass among many things he blocked her on social
media. Her suicide note reads;
“I have tried
to contact him for help to treat myself, he has blocked me in everywhere. I
cannot face my sister and tell them I must rest because of him (sic)”
After more threats from her foreign lover to post her nude
photos online depicting her as a prostitute, the lass took the high road as she
took poison that marked the end of her woes and torment. Well Mercy falls in
the ambit of thousands of duped naive girls in the country whose voices has
been stifled, hopefully many are growing aware and more timid when it comes to
relationships with foreigners especially one that they meet on social media
Courtesy of Daily Nation, Niaje


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