Corazon Kwamboka To Launch Her Own Skin Bleaching, lightening Products


Corazon Kwamboka has been fighting hard and smart to make
her skin radiant and when she finally succeeded, she decided to help other
ladies who are undergoing the same challenge.

Recently, the well-endowed socialite with voluptuous curves
claimed that she will soon be launching her own bleaching, spot removal, smooth
skin, lightening products.
Here is what the controversial and contentious wench had said:
“I love the glow in my skin! Everybody who knows me personally knows
how hard I have struggled with my skin! Being said I went on a quest to find the
best products for people with sensitive skin like me. I am soon launching my
line of skin care products from bleaching, spot removal, smooth skin,
lightening and products to make your skin radiant! By the way this pic has not
filter! That is how my skin looks now and is yet to get better!”


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