Diamond Platnumz Opens Up And Apologizes To His Mom


The undisputed king of music in East Africa Diamond Platnumz
has been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons for a couple of months but
this time he upped his game. The contentious and scandalous Bongo superstar
recently decided to open up and apologize to his mother.

During a recent interview, the ‘Number One’ hit maker issued a cordial apology to his mom for what
he termed as ‘essential lying.’
Below is what Diamond Platnumz told his mom:
“I want to use this opportunity to say sorry to my mum. I lied to her
that I had lost the ring while I had sold it. She gave me the ring and I lied
to her that I have lost when I went to sell it
I want to thank my mum because she always trusted me, she always
believed in me. I just want to tell all mothers and everybody that when you see
your child has a talent, try and support him or her because you never know what
he or she will become in future
I’m from a poor family. When I say I am from a poor family I mean it.
We couldn’t afford money to provide our food sometimes. It was difficult for my
mum to give me money to go to studio to record. I know she supported me since
day one but it wasn’t easy for her to do that because she didn’t have money.”


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