Gloria Muliro Claims That Her Ex Husband Is Blackmailing Her

Love has two paths which it can take, it can go sour and
sweet at the same time. With the current waves of evils such as cheating,
marriages especially celebrity marriages only last for a few minutes not even

Well the bitter-sweet break-up of gospel artiste, Gloria
Muliro and husband, Eric Omba were all over news as most couldn’t believe that
the two could ever split on grounds such as cheating and embezzlement. A few
months down the line seems like Gloria’s freedom is yet to be granted as she
struggles to rid herself from her estranged husband’s hold.
 While speaking to the Nairobian Gloria reveals that in a
recent wrangle over royalties between her and Aime Mbumba, an upcoming artiste
who accused the singer of stealing his song. Gloria Muliro’s manager explained
the blackmail being steered by Eric Omba as follows;

“That song is not even the issue. 
That’s just a plot by
Pastor Eric Omba to get back with Gloria but that will never happen. Eric has
been using that so called musician to frustrate her. She had nothing to do with
their agreement on the song and Eric should just leave Gloria alone.”
It’s about time that both Gloria and her estranged husband
have a sit down and iron out their difference and decide either to get rid of each
other or come back together.

Via:The Nairobian


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