Here Are The Pretty Ladies That Have Been Defiled By The Rapist Gynecologist DR Mugo Wa Wairimu (Photos)


Rumor has been doing rounds that popular but controversial
blogger and gynecologist Dr Mugo Wa Wairimu has been raping his female

Citizen TV led by Lulu Hassan exposed the contentious doctor
for raping his female patients. It is believed that he also forces his female
workers who want to secure their jobs to ‘pay the price.’
A former employee of the scoundrel city gynecologist who
alleges that he was sacked after she refused her cookie jar to be tasted
disclosed that DR. Mugo used to have sex with his female employees at his
besmirched hospital in Githurai.
 During her interview on
NTV, she claimed that DR. Mugo has a tendency of seducing his employees and if
you dare say no, you are instantly fired.
Below are photos of the ladies that Dr. Mugo defiled and
unfortunately, they are still working for him.



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