‘’Hide Your Crooked Teeth’’-A Social Media User Mercilessly Attacks Kiss 100’s Adelle Onyango


Kiss 100’s sultry talented radio host Adelle Onyango has
been lately going through cyber bullying. A week ago, a social media user
attacked her claiming that she dresses ‘immaturely.’

A few days ago, another social media user decided to go hard
on Adelle Onyango telling her that she should hide her ‘crooked teeth’ while smiling
after the later posted her picture on IG.
‘‘Ur pretty, very pretty, just fix your teeth. I’m sure u can more than
afford it. Plus ure smile is pretty, just the teeth.’’
the social media
user wrote.
Adelle quickly responded:
‘‘I don’t subscribe to you definition of beauty or perfection. How sad
your life must be to go around pointing out what people must change about
Take a look at what transpired:


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