DJ RC’s JOURNAL: Look At What Pastor James Ng’ang’a Did To A Semi Nude Lady In The Pulpit (Crazy Photos)


Scandalous and contentious ‘Man Of God’ pastor James Maina
Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Church has lately been hitting the news headlines
for the wrong reasons.

His miracles, just like Kanyari’s, are controversial and
outrageous. They always raise eye brows and they sometimes go too far, beyond
 Pastor Kanyari was
pictured ‘fondling’ a woman’s breast in front of his congregation and I still
ask myself how ‘idiotic’ and ‘dim-witted’ congregants can be. How can you watch
such a hideous act, let alone support it.
Below are shocking pictures of Pastor James Ng’ang’a as he
strips off of a lady, who is allegedly suffering from HIV/AIDS, before his
congregants in broad day light.


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