Meet The Man Who Impregnated Papa Shirandula’s Wilbroda (Photos)


We all know her as Wilbroda, the hilarious but humble top
female comedian-cum-actress in Kenya. Most people don’t know that Jackline
Nyaminde is a single mom. She has a son.

 The talented sultry actress is alleged to have been dumped recently
by a prominent politician, Brian Weke. Rumor has it that the two have been
having a secret affair before Weke called it quits for unknown reasons.

 Wilbroda’s love life has been surrounded by mystery and
controversies but she has managed to be strong.

 Recently, the man who is alleged to be Wilbroda’s baby daddy
was revealed. Francis Ngira is his name and he works for supersport as a
professional camera man.

 Take a look at the below photos. 


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