Nameless Pens Down A Cordial Message For His Wife Wahu On Their 10th Anniversary


Kenya’s version of Jay Z and Beyonce recently celebrated
their 10th wedding anniversary in style. David Mathenge populary
known as Nameless and Wahu Kagwi have had their fare share of tribulations and
controversies but they have stood by each other no matter the situation.

Take a look at how Nameless celebrated her gorgeous and
lovely better half:

“Today marks 10 years since the day your parents handed you to me to be
my wife… I cannot explain the meaning you have brought into my life…you have
been with me through thick and thin, through triumphs and have taken
me in with all my strengths and weaknesses and have stood by me through the
Best and worst moments. We have hustled together, and we are still hustling
together …you are my ride or die! Happy 10th anniversary Wahu Kagwi,”



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