RIP! Mike Sonko’s Dad passes away


On Saturday, 5th
September 2015 , Flamboyant and flashy Nairobi county senator broke the sad
news that his father was admitted at the Nairobi hospital via his facebook

Dear Kenyans, I need your prayers,
my father is in the ICU at Nairobi hospital kindly pray for him. God I believe
you heal, You healed baby Satrin, baby scandy chelangat, mariam and millions of
patients with serious complications. GOD heal my Dad and all the patients
admitted in different hospitals countrywide in the mighty name of JESUS.
Sorry to say, the senator’s
dad passed away on Sunday evening. Mike Sonko took to his Facebook once more to
break the sad news of his father’s demise.
Dear Kenyans and watu wangu nyote
in general I thank each and every one of you for your prayers during my Dad’s
sickness. We all loved him but GOD loved him more than us. Mzee has just left
us. Continue praying for our family and all those in similar situations.
RIP! May his soul find
eternal peace


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