Tina Kaggia And JB Masanduku Are Back, Find Out What They Are Up To (Photo)


Love by any other name would taste as sweet and this applies
to those who are irrevocably in love with each other. Tina Kaggia and JB
Masanduku certainly fall in this category.

The celebrated couple has been off the limelight for some
time, close to ten weeks and they are back in style. The public eye was trying
to ‘demollis’ their fame, name and game and they had to take a short but vital

JB Masanduku, a hilarious and humorous comedian got married
to Tina Kaggia, Classic 105’s radio presenter a couple of years ago and haters
were all over yapping and spreading irrelevant sh!t because Kaggia was older
than JB and she already had a kid with an anonymous dude.
Recently, Tina Kaggia decided to flood her IG account with
photos of her and her hubby having a good time at an unidentified exotic
holiday destination.
Below are photos of Tina Kaggia and JB Masanduku having a good time:


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