You Won’t Believe How Sonko And Kidero Got Along (Photos)


There are neither permanent allies nor permanent foes in
politics and if you think that politicians hate or love each other undyingly,
you are absolutely wrong.

The Nairobi governor, DR. Evans Kidero and the glitzy and
ostentatious Nairobi senator, Mike Mbuvi Sonko are known to be ‘enemies’ in the
public eye. They have brushed shoulders a couple of times, but hey, that’s how
politics is ‘played.’

On Thursday, 10th September, Dr Evans Kidero paid
a visit to Mike Sonko at his Runda domicile to mourn with his family after the
senator’s dad passed away shortly after he was admitted to The Nairobi

Nairobi’s no nonsense governor shared photos from his visit with
the following message:

“I visited Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko at his Runda home to condole with
him and his family following the death of his father. Senator Sonko and I have
vowed to continue working together for a better and prosperous Nairobi City’’



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