21 Year Old Woman Who Stabbed Her Boyfriend 22 Times Too Death Charged With Murder (Photos)

Last month, a felony
of the deadliest kind went down at Buru Buru, leading to the death of one
person and consequently the end of a relationship.
The life belonged to
24 year old Farid Mohammed who succumbed to back, chest, neck and stomach
injuries after getting stabbed 22 times by his girlfriend.
Ruth Wanjiku Kamende
alias Biggy was the perpetrator who had a bright life ahead of her, but lost
her freedom and could possibly spend life in prison after killing Farid once
she allegedly found a love text on his phone.
The 21 year old woman
was in court on Tuesday where she was charged with the murder of Farid but did
not plead to the charge as she had no lawyer.
Earlier on, Ruth had
been handcuffed to a bed in Kenyatta National Hospital nursing wounds on her
stomach, right thigh and left hand that she sustained during her scuffle with
Source: nairobinews


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