Corazon Kwamboka Responds To Accusations Of Being A Disgrace To Her Father And Her Family

Rome, Milan, Miami, Dubai….the list is endless, can literary
scream her name! True dat, she frequents lavish and exotic destinations as if
they were her second home.
Recently, the voluptuous wench who doubles up as a lawyer
has been accused by a man who claims to be her biological father that she
abandoned him
Corazon Kwamboka did not utter any single syllable
concerning the allegations leveled against her, but an article on ‘Crazy Monday’ which talked about celebs
who have neglected their humble beginnings made her clear the air.

Here is what the Bootylicious socialite had to say:
I would stay quiet as I always have! But these mafuckas need to leave
me the hell alone! I am busy doing me, working, doing my businesses and they
just want to drag me down! Force me to be a socialite! Force me to be a
celebrity! Force me to be fake and to be who am not! Leave me alone and give
Kenyans better news! We deserve better dammit! I am not a socialite neither am
I a celebrity you can get more interesting people to write articles about you


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