Fans Lash Bahati For Flashing ‘Illuminati’ Symbol (Photo)

The king of gospel in Kenya, Kevin Bahati who is a darling
of many is known for his laid back and down to earth nature. Humility is always
written all over his face.
Many are used to seeing him in elegant fitting suits and
simple T-shirts and jeans but as they say, there is no harm in trial. The
mellow voiced lover hit maker tried
something new but his fans found it ‘unchristian’ and ‘illuminati-like.’
This comes at a time when fans also took shots on him for
sagging his pants during this year’s Groove Awards.
Recently, Bahati posted a photo of him rocking a combat
bandana paired with combat pair of trousers 
and t-shirt while ‘showing’ his small finger to camera, something that
‘provoked fans’
Here are some reactions from those who felt offended by this
danisto_daddie: I dont like thar pose,hizo ni signs za iluminati!
sydenygondi C kwa ubya but if your a Christian
and you sing gospels songs try to dress like Christian .
augastinkezzy; lol evn if di swag is hip_ hop dancer lol syn illumint
kamili why lie that is 666…nkt
But others were more sober and rushed to defend Bahati
lindahvmusumba @sydenygondi you have a Christian clothing line or
something?? is he
naked? Are you being tempted? .. why are you still following?…..
dafridafrie Lool…i can see them haters commenting…baha evn if
dressed like adam before that sinful act youd still look awesome.


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