Here Is How Corazon Kwamboka Dressed When She Visited Vatican City (Photo)

Kenya’s controversial and scandalous socialite Corazon
Kwamboka who is ‘popular’ for having a well-endowed ‘German Juice’ is known for flaunting her voluptuous curves
everywhere she goes but this time it was different.
When you go to Rome, they say, do what the Romans do and
Corazon Kwamboka literary adhered to the wise words of the sages.
When she visits Miami, London, Dubai etc, she always shows
more than enough skin to the public but things turned out to be different when
she landed at the holy city of Vatican.
She was dressed in a long, black and white stripped dress
which made her look totally different. We are used to seeing her in skimpy and
scanty dresses but this time she took us by storm.
Below is a photo of Corazon Kwamboka while she was in
Vatican city:


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