Is Dandia Hit Maker Kristoff Broke? He Wants To Sell His Chrysler (Evidence)


Kristoff alias Mluhya
Wa Busia
populary known for his monster hit Dandia featuring Rabbit-King kaka and P-Unit’s Frasha acquired a
Chrysler 2008 a couple of months ago. It is approximated to be worth kes. 5
million and rumor has it that he wants to sell it.
A photo of the swanky and posh car was spotted on a
notorious black market facebook page,  Soko Nyeusi captioned Chrysler 2008
3000cc diesel 2.8 M.
The number plates of the cars are similar and I wonder if
kristoff is seriously selling a brand new guzzler at half the price he bought
it or maybe the Facebook page is just pulling our legs.
Take a look at the picture below


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