Nanyuki Woman Offers Her Smart Daughter To President Uhuru’s Son

Kenya’s President, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has received a
proposal from a Nanyuki woman who wants any of Uhuru’s sons to marry her
daughter when she turns 18 years.
Margaret karimi is willing to offer Stefanie, her daughter,
who she describes as ‘bright and smart’ to the first family because she thinks
that she is the right lady for president Uhuru’s sons.
This comes at a few months after a lawyer from Nandi county
offered POTUS barrack Obama 50 heads of cattle in exchange of her daughter,
Malia Obama who is 16 years of age.
Karimi had the following to say:

I wouldn’t mind if one of his boys marries my daughter, I will be happy
if that happens. I want her to have a bright future and I am confident the
first family will give her exactly that. I once suspect my daughter had joined
a cult after she started behaving strangely that s why I want uhuru to treat
her like one of his.


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