Papa Shirandula’s Awinja Nails It Once More With Her Epic Fashion Stunt (Photo)

The TV can sometimes make you despise an actor or an
actress. A good example is Machachari’s Sofia
who many people think that she is a mere housemaid in real life.
She ain’t the only one though, many people have judged what
they see on TV as reality. The likes of Wilbroda, Awinja, Sofia just to mention
but a few are stunning and gorgeous lasses and they lead a normal life when the
cameras ain’t rolling but people mistake them for what they see on the TV.
Let’s talk about Awinja. Many mistake her for a naïve
village girl with a heavy Luhya accent but in real life, she is the complete
opposite. She is a breath taking beauty who always leaves men drooling.

Take a look at Awinja! Don’t you like what you see?


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