Sheila Mwanyigah Responds To Njoki Chege’s ‘Diss To Fat Women’

Former AM LIVE’s pretty presenter Sheila Mwanyigah has
revealed how she struggled with her weight to a point of questioning God. The
beautiful singer cum business woman recently decided to share how she managed
to maintain her weight and it was a direct response to Njoki Chege who attacked
plus-size women.
Here is what Sheila Mwanyigah had to say responding to Njoki
Chege’s ‘criticism.’
Loose it…Go to the gym…It’s about what’s eating you…Work out… I
hear you…
Another human variable, just like money. Sometimes you got it,
sometimes you don’t. But this is the hot topic de jour. My friend Pat Lulu Mbela
typed an honest response online over the weekend on the matter. And everyone
has an opinion on the same- then again, it is a human variable after all, but
the ‘elephant in the room’ still remains. So can we talk?
I don’t believe any human being on the planet chooses to wake up every
morning exhausted, unable to wear trendy itsy-bitsy outfits that show off toned
bits and pieces, struggle to walk up the stairs should the lifts be out of
service, have no energy across the day, be the subject of public ridicule, and
then suffer lifestyle diseases as a result of excess weight. Say what you will,
but I honestly refuse to believe, that this would be the choice that anyone
would willingly pick as their best, highest,and truest expression of
themselves. Ever.
I call the elephant in the room, the truth. It is the answer to the
question why was I made like this? Why? Why? WHY?
I’ve been so many different sizes, and been the subject of enough
‘she’s too fat/ she’s too thin’ tirades. But peace at last, peace at last, thank
God peace at last, finally came to me when I asked my Maker: WHY? My friends
and family didn’t have the truth for me, and in hindsight, I really was wasting
my time asking them. None of them created me. Not even my Mama. She carried me,
yes, but she didn’t create me. I’m not going to give you a long story about a
silent voice, or flashes of lightning, but here was my answer.
Even before any of us was growing in mummy’s womb, or lining up at a
fast food joint, we had already been formed. The Maker found no fault in us and
made us just so. Wonderfully and fearfully. What the world would condemn and
consider as a flaw or weakness, He placed in us for His glory. So that His
greatness would be made manifest. As far as I know, there are no mess-ups that
have ever left His workshop, or been recalled. Everything that is here, was
meant to be here.
Everything serves His purpose, otherwise it would not be in existence.
From the flowers in the field, to the very hairs on your head! Yes. He is
concerned with the minute details, and if this is so, then He is just as
concerned with stretch marks, thick thighs, the sound of your voice, what makes
you laugh, the twinkle in your eye, how you sob when you cry, and even the
sound of your heart beat. Imagine then, how much more concerned He is, with the
integrity of your character, the sincerity of your spirit, the tireless
commitment of your labour, the dedication of your skill, and your unwavering
faith and trust in Him?
If our collective human purpose was about how perfect we all looked,
then we would all be exact carbon copies of —– (insert your dream-body
owner’s name here). Each one the same one. But thankfully, we are not, and
never will be. So as this weight storm dies down- till the next tempest,
remember that all of us fall far short. Our thoughts, our desires, our deeds in
fact our very nature too, are not perfect, but the body that He created for
each and every one of us for our brief sojourn on earth, is a masterpiece on


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