Thirst Trap: Papa Shirandula’s Awinja Shows Her Other Side Of Beauty (Photo)

Citizen TV’s Awinja who acts as a naïve housemaid in a local
TV program Papa Shirandula is a whole
different person in real life.
Recently, she took to her social media to share the below

I am not perfect but I am sooo in #Love with myself! Are you in love
with yourself? If not then you should start to appreciate who you are the way
you are with all your flaws, do not wait for that other person to tell you they
love you, because they might be lying and also that love can fade away, but if
it comes from you first then you will always be Happy because its guaranteed,
and self love boosts so many things confidence etc, so before you expect love
from other people, let it start with you, because you know ‘you’ 🙂 #SelfLove


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