Victoria Kimani Finally Talks About Why Kenyans Don’t Appreciate Her Music But Nigerians Do

Bamboo’s sister and talented singer Victoria Kimani has been
receiving good airplay and positive response from her Nigerian fans compared to
her homeland fans, Kenyans.
This comes a time when Kenyan musicians are complaining, claiming
that our local radio stations and TV stations rarely play local content.
She decided to pen down the below message in her social
media page:
I could choose to highlight all the negativity I get from my Fellow
Kenyans for spending so much of my time in Nigeria…..but I won’t. …. This
picture was taken in Lagos. ..on stage and this is a Beautiful Kenyan Lady that
walked up to pat me on the back …..This was a very emotional moment for me
because…… Rewind…. There I was ….This Kenyan American girl who had been
saving up her coins, coming home to Kenya every year for about 8 years
….releasing music …collaborating with my brothers Bamboo, Kimya, singing
back up for The Amazing Mercy Myra, recording, networking ….hustling to get
my music out there ….and finally getting a breakthrough via @choccitymusic
….A Record Label based in Nigeria.

Funny how God works …I had already lived in Benin City Nigeria as a
teenager with my Missionary parents….and I swore I would never be able to go
back….but here was God showing me that His Will for my life was not exactly
the American Dream I thought It would be…. In November 2012 we announced that
I had been signed to this Notable record label Choc city ….and that I was
working towards being a Pan Afric Pop Artist and a voice for African Girls.
It wasn’t bad enough that I don’t speak Swahili ….now I’m in the
West… dare I break out and actually make an impact in a Country that
isn’t “my own” …..being that outsider in Gidi hasn’t been a walk in
the park either….but the love I have received in Nigeria has made me feel at
home….When I release my music….The people listen ….They give it a chance.
…They blog about it…They play it on the radio
It’s also not good enough that I, Kimani made our Kikuyu name an Anthem
in this Continent…. or that I have been traveling the world my entire life
…by myself….For my music…. But that day on stage, when this lady
approached me and said ” Good Job Sis ” …..It all made sense …..
The masses in Kenya may never truly respect what I have decided to do with my
life….but they WILL dance to my music…. Anyway….enough of my
rant….let’s stop the Hate and embrace Love….We are all Africans ….happy
Independence day Nigeria ….and Kenya. ….see you in a few hours


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