Who Looks Elegant In Trousers? Julie Gichuru Vs Lillian Muli (Photos)

Be the judge and choose whoever you think looks stylish in a
pair of trousers. They both are professional and talented when it comes to
Julie Gichuru
The 50-year-old who looks like a sweet sixteen is without a
doubt the darling of many. Even after ‘producing’ 5 children, she still looks
super cute and gorgeous.
Many of us are used to Julie Gichuru rocking skirts and full
dresses but we rarely see her in trousers. Below is a picture of Julie Gichuru
in trousers:
Lillian Muli
Her beauty always speaks for her. She looks stunning and
pretty without appearing to try. She is probably the reason why men fall in
Lillian Muli is currently a single mother of one. Her self
esteem is on point and just like Julie Gichuru we are not used to seeing her in
Below is a picture of the sultry talented screen siren
rocking a pair of trousers:


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