‘You Need A Husband ,‘ A Fan Mercilessly Lashes Sheila Mwanyigah

Former AM LIVE’s awe-inspiring
host Sheila Mwanyigah who doubles up as a singer is currently a victim of cyber
It seems like criticizing a celebrity has become part of the
norm. Fans are not afraid to air their ‘negative’ views about their favorite
Kiss 100’s Adelle Onyango was to ‘hide her crooked teeth while smiling,’ Janet Mbugua was told to ‘tell her sponsors to give her maternity
and so on and so forth.
Recently, former Nation Media Group’s talented TV host  happened to be criticized by a fan claiming
that she has everything except a husband.
Here is what Sheila Mwanyigah had posted before she was
hardheartedly lashed by a social media user:
#RiseAndShine. No
good thing has He Kept from me #HalloFriday
One Martins Kingsley Nkozi had something to say or add to
Sheila’s post. Take a look at what he said:
…except a husband. Sheila, I wish you knew how sweet and fulfilling
marriage and babies can be. Forget the millions you make every year and the
clothes and friends you mingle with. A man in your life and kids to boost,
fulfils every part of your body then you age gracefully ever after.
Mmmmmm…think about it my daughter. Take my statement positively. We love you.”


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