Commedian Jalango receives prayers from church elders after doing this.

Its with no doubt that comedian Jalango
is one of the successful comedians in the country. Jalango is one of those who
have strived from very humble backgrounds and have attained to get a good name
in the current society.
As other celebrities misuse money on
alcohol drugs and ladies, Jalango is one of the few celebrities who have devoted
to offer back to the society and give back what God has blessed him with.
The comedian received prayers on
Sunday from church elders of Deliverance church Olkeri Ngon after he
contributed seats to the community church after he noticed that the church had
a shortage with seats.
Here’s what he posted on social media.

I met this
humble Community in Ngon’g some weeks ago…the church had a problem with seats
and other things…so today I took for them seats …if you want to donate anything
for them then please DM me we visit them again! GOD BLESS YOU


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