God Bless Bahati. see what he did to a blind man who approached him for finances.


singer Bahati is one of the young talented artists in Kenya who have slowly
grown from humble back grounds and toiled to their success. Despite being in
his early 20’s Bahati is has not being on the spotlight for the wrong reasons
compared to his other musician counter parts who are always on the limelight
for wasting their cash on parties and women.

Barua hit
maker narrated how Denno (the blind singer who sang alongside Daddy Owen in the
hit “Mbona”) approached him asking for little financing to enable him start a
small business in order to keep him surviving in the hard economic times.
The young
lad (bahati) made a wise man’s decision as he decided not to let denno’s talent
go down to the drain. As the wise man said ‘give a man a fish
and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a
lifetime’ So bahati decided to help Denno nature more into his talent and they
settled for a collabo.

Here is
the hit. Watch video



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