Here’s how 28 year old steve mbogo has attained his wealth

28 year old
Millionaire steve mbogo has currently been the talk of town for his flashy lifestyle.
The flamboyant millionaire hit the attention of the entire blogosphere after he
spent Ksh 40 Million in dubai to hire a private yatch.
Well the
general public has raised questions wondering where the youthful man has acquired
his massive wealth. Being the very day Safaricom CEO bob collymore has declared
his wealth, steve Mbogo has revealed the source of his massive wealth. This is
what Steve wrote on hi official website.

“’Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer of luxury goods company Capital Flow Enterprises. He
also also serves as Non-Executive Chair of Fly 540 Airways and Youth Aviation
Company Kenya. Steve Mbogo owns the Della wine estate, and took part in the
development of the renowned Mimosa Golf Club. He also served as Board Chairman
at Faulu Bank. Steve Mbogo was ranked the richest man Under 30 in East Africa,
according to Forbes in 2014. Steve also owns twelve 4-star Hotels across Kenya,
thirty two apartment blocks in Nairobi, two insurance companies in Uganda, six
Night clubs in Nakuru, Kisumu and Nairobi, and a flight training academy in
Wilson Airport, Nairobi. He jointly owns and manages two law firms and three
stock brokerage companies at the Nairobi Securities Exchange”


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