Man gets a dog beating from a woman he tried to rape.

According to
this Sexual pervert from the UK he expected to have a good time but ended up to
be his worst after he was beaten up by a lady he intended to rape.
Holmes who is at it early 30 decided to follow a young lass for over a
Kilometer then later caught hold of her and dragged her to a nearby bush and
laid her with an intention to rip the fruit he had not sowed.
Before he
could even rise to the occasion the lady took off her keys and used them as a
weapon to protect herself and not only that she threw blows and kicks on his
stomach as she scream for help.
Her screams
were successful since they attracted the attention of some passers by and the
rapist fled from the scene. Luck was not at his side as the rapist was caught
up by the police later on and according to him he was said that he couldn’t recall
the incident since he was so drunk.

This was the
worst nightmare for the Guy a sweet moment gone bitter.


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